750four Productions

Welcome To The Future

750four Productions is an alternative media studio comprised of an interdisciplinary creative team based in Louisville, Kentucky. We offer content production for companies and artists in addition to curation of promotional and charitable events, podcasts and video journalism covering a diverse cultural palette.

Copper & Kings AMPERS&ND Cocktail

The Ampersand is a classic cocktail first appearing in A.S. Crockett's 1935 publication of "The Old Waldorf-Astoria Bar Book". We were lucky enough to get to craft this piece highlighting a contemporary interpretation by our friends at Copper & Kings American Brandy. 

United We Sing: A Concert Celebration of World Refugee Day with Kentucky Refugee Ministries

United We Sign was a collaborative concert coordinated by Kentucky Refugee Ministries held at the Kentucky Center for The Performing Arts. Lead by renowned jazz pianist Harry Pickens, a choir of 90+ comprised of refugees from around the globe and accompanied by locals including hip hop artist 1200, Cheyenne Mize and Strive Creative Wellness celebrated the spirit of community for World Refugee Day.

...by the way, you're looking great today.