Much of our ambition at 750four revolves around the development of implementation strategies for communities to more effectively combat intractable socioeconomic issues. We believe that by embracing organically emergent phenomena such as alternative information and new media resources in addition to the incorporation of cryptocurrencies into our new model, we can begin to disarm many of the antiquated institutions which exist in our societies as a historical residue and which throttle our progress through the arbitrary limiting effects of preserving underrepresentation in existing political, cultural, economic and institutional power dynamics. For this reason, we are excited to announce that 750four Productions is a supporter and participant of the Bitcoin community and the larger cryptocurrency ecosystem. In the coming weeks, we will be featuring original articles and #podcasts discussing the vast spectrum of potential applications for this new internet protocol. This will be the first step of many more to come in the direction of our contribution to the realization of a more viable, sustainable paradigm for all people through what we believe is an honest dialect for the expression of value both within and between communities.

Thomas JohnsComment