New Partnership with Louisville Cream


Coming in March, 750four Productions will be partnering with Louisville Cream to bring inspired frozen flavors to Louisville. The program will offer catering, brand-specific flavors, retail pints and even a high class ice cream truck! Some of the many exciting flavors thus far have included:

  • The Red Queen - goat cheese ice cream with cherry fennel jam and toasted pistachios
  • Hi-Five Glazed Doughnut - doughnut ice cream with chunks of Hi-Five Doughnut and a glaze swirl.
  • Avocado Ice cream with chunks of Molé Brownies and Tequila  
  • Vanilla Bean ice cream with chunks of chopped, chocolate covered deep-fried Oreos
  • Lemon Poppy Seed - lemon cream ice cream freckled with poppy seeds

Be on the lookout for official announcements regarding our upcoming Ice Cream Social Pint Night at the new Louis's The Ton on Story Avenue!  

Thomas JohnsComment