Jibriyll Izsrael - "I Bring Unity"

In observation of the Baltimore Riots, today Jibriyll Izsrael and 750four Productions are offering an alternative perspective from Louisville, Kentucky: Unity, in no uncertain terms. We've had the great privilege of seeing this piece performed live in a number of contexts over the past year and find its message especially befitting of the recent unfolding of circumstances of turbulence in Baltimore and the broader social fabric it has affected. Oftentimes, we're swift to pass judgment in one direction or another without realizing the divisive or contentious nature of the underlying sentiments. I'm certainly guilty of it myself. But subject matters of this magnitude merit deeper consideration, so I wanted to offer this reflection. What follows is the transcript of the video we're releasing today as a possibility we see worthy of consideration. If this message happens to resonate with you, please help us by sharing this post and this video with others to join us in our effort to instantiate a much-needed sense of community.

"I bring unity. I'll kick doors into your bores and burn black supremacy. I am the remedy for every form of hatred and enmity. Let my penalty be the sword of blessed tranquility in your inequity as forgiveness visits me. Let me delve into the depths of your soul and grab hold of your duplicity. I've seen racism and every face and "-ism" that I've screened visibly. I've seen women in chains no matter what king, literally. I've seen children in poverty no matter who's the given authority. Now our mothers kill us minorities; more so than any other authority... I see you. I see you all. 'Cause which one of you boys 'gonna cast a stone ain't broken a law? Which one of you killas is innocent on the day mankind ain't so privileged? On the day of your death, which one of y'all won't lose breath? I don't play, I don't fret, boy, I said it: I. Bring. Unity. Cause every principality and nationality divides community while every clan and every tribe is the reflection of Earth, God, you and me. Are we citizens of one planet or are we space jumping fluently? Our greatest feats of ingenuity enable us to butcher each other brutally; class warfare cruelty by way of the Luciferian druidry. We need unity. While 80% of the planet starves, the other 20 operate with impunity. Some call it capitalism; I call it mutiny, poison and demonic lunacy reminiscent of pornographic nudity. Our bill of rights is unconstitutionally charged with ambiguity, completely devoid of any true opportunity for the poor to live suitably. With no continuity of freedoms, just bleed 'em and get rich frugally. These bankers inexcusably prey upon and profit from our disunity. Our lack of loyalty created the European royalty. Our lack of knowledge enables them to live so flamboyantly. The lack of love is why the poor can't live joyfully; their size in number is the thing we need plunder. We must align in structure every heart that we can muster. The divine instructor beckons us to rise and rupture. Every palace and every throne that lies corrupts us. Let us scream "love" till every sparrow and dove can trust us, let us scream "love" till every widow and womb finds justice, let us scream "love" till every mother and father are secure, till every son and every daughter are blessed and assured, till every prisoner and every slave find clemency. Let us scream "love" until the heavens cry out for sympathy. I bring Unity."
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